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The Grenada Marketing and National Importing Board (MNIB) is an organization that helps local farmers and agro-processors to increase sales through retail stores, wholesale customers and international exporting. Shop for our local fruits and vegetables today!

Fresh Produce

We provide fresh fruits and vegetables from approved Grenadian farmers. With over 150 crops to choose from, we are confident you will find the local produce that’s right for you. 

Local Products

Offering a wide variety of local products ranging from snacks, jams and syrups to  teas, skin care products and much more. Request a quote online from our list of local products today.

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We provide high quality fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices locally and for international export.


Choose from a wide variety of fruits in Grenada. From bananas to pineapples.


Choose from a wide variety of fresh herbs in Grenada. From peppermint to parsley.


Choose from a wide variety of vegetables in Grenada. From lettuce to tomatoes.


Choose from a wide variety of fresh juice in Grenada like coconut water.


Choose from a wide variety of spices in Grenada. From cinnamon to bayleaf.


Choose from a wide variety of products in Grenada, from tea to jams

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Naturally the best. We are the #1 store for the widest variety of fresh produce at the lowest prices.

Recent Recipes

Explore our amazing Caribbean culinary recipes from top chefs around the islands.

Veggie Oildown

Mahi Mahi

Fruit Salad

Fruit Smoothie

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A nice place to shop for daily requirements of fruits, vegetables and groceries, though options for grocery items are limited. They are known more for local fruits and vegetables. They claim to provide a wide variety of fresh produce.”

Amy J.

It’s where you can buy fresh locally produce products such as fruits, vegetables and agro processing goods. Also they import goods such as sugar and rice. They also have sub division making goods available to you in a comfortable setting.

James F.

lowest price all over Grenada. They also have a good variety of fresh flowers and spices. They have a meat section as well. Friendly staff, well maintained and alwasy has the best produce around the Caribbean.

Ron D.

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Fresh Produce

Enjoy a wide range of fresh produce from the Caribbean.

Natural Products

Purchase natural products from soaps to jams.

Shipping Globally

We provide international shipping for our products.

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Get the best quality fruits, vegetables and more.

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